How to Play a Perfect Game Using a Pokémon Rom Hacks

Pokémon rom hacks and glitches have been around for a while now. In fact, we’ve all probably played a game or two that had one of these unfortunate problems. The thing is, if you’re like me, you get really frustrated when this happens. But what can we do? How do we deal with it?

The short answer to that is we don’t. Not today, not tomorrow, and not the next day either. That’s too bad because it really bugged me when I first played Pokemon. And I’m not just talking about playing. I’m talking about the rom hack that was attached to the original game as well. You know, those ones you can download and use to try to cheat the game.

Some of these are extremely clever and some of them are incredibly useless. And they do make Pokemon games much more fun to play. But there is one thing that many of them have in common: they are incredibly illegal. That’s right, in my opinion.

One thing you need to realize about these hacks is that they can and will cause your computer (and perhaps more importantly, your Nintendo) to become infected with spyware. Yes, you read that right. Because you’re downloading one of these to cheat on your game, you are basically inviting any hacker with enough creativity to be able to attach one of these programs to your system. Once you download one, it hooks itself onto your computer and then begins to install any number of viruses, which will then cause all sorts of havoc to your system. And that’s assuming that you actually have the “rom hack” in question; most of the time you’ll have no idea what it is.

And the thing about this is… this is only one of the problems with rom hacks. It’s only one of the ways that the programmers behind the game to get their software into the hands of so many people. This is why it’s so important to always play your games with a legitimate version of the game. That way, you’re going to be completely protected from the nasty side of human nature: boredom.

I’m sure you know all this. But the point is, this kind of hacking doesn’t just affect one aspect of the legitimately-made game… it affects every aspect. So if you’re getting a little frustrated, why not just wait for Nintendo to do something about it? Because I’m sure that they have something up their sleeve.