Where Does the Classic Satchel Bag Come From?

satchel bags

Definition. What exactly is a satchel purse? Satchel bags first became popular among school boys as a way of carrying extra books around campus. This bag usually ranges from medium size to large size with either two short or long handles on the top and a flat bottom.

The messenger concept. Satchels are generally used as messengers by both sexes in societies where the men are the bread winners and the women, who make do with what they have, use the bags for their own practical usage. However, the messenger concept extended to the realms of the business world when businesswomen began carrying their professional belongings in satchels or satchel bags. These bags give the convenience of a purse with the added space for papers, notebooks, pens, and other essential supplies that women need while on the go. Businessmen often carry rations or business cards in a separate space from their travel essentials to simplify their life when on the road.

Handbag versatility. A satchel bags’ versatility makes it a great everyday handbag as well as an elegant evening handbag. This means that this type of handbag can be worn as a casual shopping handbag or as a more formal evening handbag used by a corporate professional. In fact, satchel bags can be made in so many styles that it’s impossible to ever find a situation where you won’t be able to find a type of this versatile bag.

Two types of handles. These two types of handles give these handbags much more flexibility. A shoulder strap which most females prefer is one of the two main styles of satchel bags handles. There are also belt buckles and clasps for more casual use. Meanwhile, there are also messenger bags which come with shoulder straps. These messenger bags have one large strap and several smaller ones that can be hooked or swung around on a person’s waist or hips to adjust to any outfit.

Both first used today are both popular among women. But the first used satchel bags are said to have been used by the ancient Egyptians. These messenger bags have been found on ancient artifacts, including statues of the queen of Egypt and Cleopatra. This means that this versatile and convenient bag has not only been a popular fashion accessory for women all over the world but also for many centuries and even longer.

Satchel bags today are often used to carry just about anything, from makeup to textbooks to business documents to even strollers. The classic look and practicality make this a great choice for any woman, regardless of her lifestyle or profession. Whether you’re a student, a professional businesswoman, or an active mom, a satchel bag is definitely a good investment. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars to replace your current bag when the new, more practical one can be purchased at an affordable price. So make the best choice, buy a satchel bag and bring convenience and style to wherever you go.