Bundled Soft Play Packages: Complete Play Solutions

Soft play bundles are perfect for a variety of venues and can be easily arranged to accommodate your space requirements. They include a variety of fantastic climb and slide equipment which is suitable for children from birth to three years old.

Featured Bundle:

consists of: tan floor mats, white security gates, grey ball pit filled with with white/clear/tan balls, a slide, soft play climber(s) and animal hoppers.

Includes Circular Slide soft play, Choo Choo Train tunnel and Big Bridge climb, 4ft ball pit, soft building blocks and 2 hoppers. Floor mats and safety fence included. *Additional 4ft ball pit can be added for and additional charge.

Soft play bundles are comprehensive packages designed to create engaging and safe play environments for children. These bundles encompass a variety of soft play equipment and elements that offer numerous benefits for kids and establishments alike.

soft play bundles¬†typically include an assortment of play structures, padded flooring, interactive elements, and themed features, providing a holistic play experience. Here’s a closer look at why these bundles are highly advantageous:

Physical Development: Soft play bundles encourage physical activity among children. The various structures like slides, climbing frames, tunnels, and ball pits promote active play, aiding in the development of gross motor skills, coordination, balance, and strength.

Safety and Comfort: One of the primary advantages of soft play bundles is their emphasis on safety. The soft, cushioned surfaces and padded equipment reduce the risk of injuries, creating a secure and comfortable play environment for kids.

Stimulates Social Interaction: These bundles foster social interaction and cooperation among children. Kids engage in imaginative play, share experiences, communicate, and learn to interact with peers, nurturing important social skills.

Imaginative Play: Soft play bundles often incorporate themed elements or imaginative play features that spark creativity. Whether it’s a castle-themed structure or pretend play areas, these setups encourage kids to use their imagination and engage in role-playing scenarios.

Educational Opportunities: Soft play bundles offer educational benefits through play. Children learn problem-solving, spatial awareness, and decision-making skills as they navigate through the play structures and engage in various activities.

Customer Attraction for Businesses: For businesses like restaurants, malls, or entertainment centers, soft play bundles can be a significant draw for families. These areas attract parents with young children, increasing foot traffic and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Customization Options: Soft play bundles can be tailored to suit specific requirements. Whether it’s adapting to different spaces, incorporating particular themes, or catering to different age groups, customization options make them versatile for various settings.

Promotes Active Entertainment: Soft play bundles provide an avenue for active entertainment, keeping children engaged and entertained for extended periods.