Where Can I Find a Solar Panel Recycling Company?

where can I find a solar panel recycling company

Many people wonder where can they find a solar panel recycling company that will recycle their solar panels. The process can be complicated. You’ll need to know the local regulations and what the local landfills and transfer stations will accept. If your local landfill doesn’t take solar panels, your best bet is to contact We Recycle Solar, a national network of local and regional recycling facilities. The company’s mission is to recycle solar panels, so they pay you a minimal fee for them. You can also check with your installer for a list of specialized recycling services in your area.

Solar panels are made up of cells encased in a protective barrier, typically a transparent plastic like PET or EVA. There’s also an aluminum frame, which makes it difficult to break down. Even when the panels are broken down, the solar cells are usually still intact. Some companies reprocess solar panels. Others rescue them and refurbish them. The most cost-efficient way to recycle solar modules is reuse. This method requires the least processing and commands the highest price.

Unfortunately, there are no national regulations for solar panel recycling. In fact, the industry has engaged in agreements with municipalities and electronic waste management companies that have led to the generation of tons of toxic waste that piled up in warehouses. Moreover, many of these companies are simply disposing of old solar panels with no regard to hazardous substances or the environment. Some of these companies use pyrolysis, which is not environmentally-friendly when it comes to reclaiming precious metals. Other companies crash the glass and scrap aluminium frames. These companies send the rest of the product to landfills.

The process of solar panel recycling is complex and requires a lot of care and effort. The process involves disassembling the panels, melting, and etching them. Fortunately, there are a number of organizations that specialize in solar panel recycling and can help you find a company that meets your needs. In Washington State, recycling is mandated by the manufacturers, and it’s possible to find a solar stewardship program that is free and easy to complete.

Although solar panels are supposed to last for decades, they are not recyclable. Instead of being recycled, they end up in landfills. The Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act only governs the proper disposal of commercial hazardous waste. Since solar panels are destined to last for decades, they are recyclable and environmentally sound. If you have a surplus of these panels, you can find a certified recycling partner to help you with the process.