The Best Co-Working Spaces in Cape Town

Cape Town is home to some of the best coworking spaces in South Africa. Located at Table Mountain, just near the city of Cape Town, these coworking spaces are ideal for hosting business conferences and conventions, as well as other gatherings. Located close to numerous business service providers and hotels, these spaces can be utilized for a wide range of events. The following are just some of the best coworking spaces in Cape Town that you may rent.

Hanergy Coffee Shop: One of the most famous coffee shops in the country, Hanergy offers an extensive range of beverages, snacks and specialty drinks. Located at Table Mountain, a short drive from the city centre, this coffee shop is perfect for hosting meetings and conferences. The spacious environment is an excellent place for conducting training sessions, which will benefit your employees. There are also several TV’s and Air Conditioners in the space.

Starbucks: One of the most popular worldwide coffee shop, Starbucks is known for its extensive range of specialty drinks. This iconic coffee shop is located at Table Mountain, a short drive from the city centre. If you are planning a meeting, you can reserve the conference room in Starbucks, or request for a meeting room in the nearby area. You can have your meals there, or purchase various snack choices. The famous strawberry shake is available in various flavors at this popular coffee shop.

takeaway restaurant: If you are looking for a quick meal, try the Indian food takeaway. This restaurant offers wonderful South Indian dishes, as well as Chinese and continental cuisine. The bar counter offers you plenty of beverages, as well as a variety of delicious snacks. There are ample security guards present, and the surroundings are filled with warm, friendly people. If you are visiting during holiday seasons, you will find the restaurant particularly busy.

takeaway venue: On the other hand, if you are planning a longer stay, and would like to use a coffee shop as your base of operations, there is a lot of options available. The Ideal Coffee Shop is a modern takeaway space, which offers you excellent tasting food. The counter area is very large, and you can even have a small home-style meal in here. You can have sandwiches, pasta, juices, or even ice cream. It has a very chic atmosphere, and there are a couple of tables around the central area.

Retail store: If you are planning a shopping excursion, it is best to head to the top of Table Mountain, and look out on the expansive lawn of the Table Mountain Mall. Here, you will find some of the best bargain shopping opportunities in the city. The mall also features a cinema, a movie theatre, and several restaurants. The retail store is open to all, and there are numerous restaurants at the mall, which serve delicious local cuisine.