Managing Director of Tyler Tysdal

Tyler Tysdal was born in Ohio and raised in Southern California. He is an avid baseball fan and the son of a wealthy family. Tyler Tysdal’s entrepreneurial spirit sparked him to start his own trading card and jersey collection and s sports collectibles, a popular mail order trading card and memorabilia company that gained a large following through online advertisements in trade journals. He has also opened a store in the San Fernando Valley in California.

Tyler Tysdal

If you look back at what has happened to Tyler Tysdal through his career so far, you would agree with me that hindsight is something we can never take for granted. At the time of his success, the world was full of hype about internet marketing and ecommerce. When his store opened in the San Fernando Valley, everyone was talking about how an exciting future for entrepreneurs lay in the making. However, when the dust settled and Tyler failed miserably, everyone was scrambling for their investment dollars. This was a lesson in perspective and many of us could learn from it.

The lesson may be the same for you or anyone else looking to become an entrepreneur and manage their own business. In fact, I would submit to you that the greatest lesson to be learned from the downfall of Tyler Tysdal is that managing your own business can be a struggle – and the best way to deal with struggles is to keep plugging away in the face of adversity. The downside of having a successful online store is that you now have the responsibility of managing your freedom factory.

Managing your own business will require a lot of effort, especially in a competitive marketplace such as the one we are seeing right now in Denver. You will need to bring in a marketing guru, and bring in other talented entrepreneurs to help run the business and work the angles to build brand recognition that can be duplicated. All of this requires skill and vision, both of which are highly valued skills in today’s marketplace. In short, if you don’t like to be managed by people who aren’t on your team, then you should probably look elsewhere.

But what if you do like being managed? There is a new opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs starting out in the Denver area to leverage their efforts by entering the hands of a veteran Colorado Springs real estate investor/real estate broker/property developer named Tyler Tysdal. Mr. Tys Dal is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world of real estate and has already begun to develop a stellar portfolio of high end residential, commercial and recreational properties. As a young entrepreneur with an already developed professional network, Mr. Tys Dal has the skills to understand exactly where an investor’s interests lie, and he is willing to put those interests first. He is not only an exceptional property developer and investor, but an exceptional communicator with incredible interpersonal skills. He also clearly appreciates that an entrepreneur must be good at business to be a great entrepreneur.

Mr. Tyler Tysdal’s leadership and management of his investment bankers have allowed him to hire other talented individuals to manage his portfolio, including fellow entrepreneurs Mike Webster and Ryan Sutherland. Having a trusted investment banker on your team is extremely important, because he or she will lead you in the right direction and keep you focused on making solid, strategic decisions. Real estate investment banking is a rapidly growing field, and many successful entrepreneurs have started out as investors. The opportunities to grow your own business as a junior partner with an experienced, trusted mentor are endless. If you are interested in working with someone who wants to help you start out your entrepreneurial career, then Tyler Tysdal is a name to consider.