Managed Print Services – A Growth Opportunity For Your Business

The ubiquity of printing, the high costs and the lack of visibility and control for these devices creates an opportunity to offer your customers significant cost savings and operational efficiencies as well as a new source of recurring revenue. In other words, Managed Print Services represents a real growth opportunity for your business.

Managed Print Services (MPS) are the proactive management and optimization of document output devices. These include printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners. In addition to reducing equipment downtime and eliminating waste, MPS can also provide an opportunity for you to reduce your overall costs while improving efficiency and security in the workplace.

A key factor to consider when evaluating an MPS vendor is their ability to provide ongoing support. Many of these devices, particularly the higher-end multifunctional units, are complex and require specialized training to troubleshoot. A managed managed printing service print provider can save you time, money and resources by performing preventative maintenance on a regular basis and quickly responding to problems so that your IT staff can focus on network maintenance and other critical projects.

The most compelling reason for a customer to adopt an MPS solution is to reduce their total printing costs. A typical company spends an average of USD$3,000 per year on printing costs. The key to lowering these expenses is to eliminate waste, consolidate print locations and deploy efficient, high-performance printing devices. A managed print service provider can evaluate your current print environment and recommend a strategy for improvement. They can also automate the shipment of replacement toner based on when your devices are running low, avoiding costly delays and disruptions that can impact productivity.

Unlike many IT solutions, MPS is one of the easiest to sell. A typical assessment and evaluation of an organisation’s print environment can be completed in less than two days, ensuring that any potential ROI is quickly evident. This, coupled with a clear and transparent pricing model that allows your customer to know upfront what they’ll be paying for and the value that you can deliver, will increase the likelihood of a sale.

In order to successfully promote and sell an MPS solution, you need to have the right people in the pipeline. This includes a decision maker who can sponsor the assessment and sign a multi-year contract, as well as an internal champion who can communicate the value of your offering to the rest of the organization. The type of business your customer operates can also play a role, with paper intensive verticals creating more opportunities for cost savings than others.

Whether you’re currently selling an MPS solution or you’re looking for a new revenue stream, finding the right vendor and negotiating the best terms will ensure success. The right managed print provider can offer your customers the efficiency, convenience and cost savings they need while establishing you as their trusted advisor.