Is Kangen Water Poison?

Kangen water is water that has been ionized with alkaline ions and produced by Enagic’s Kangen Water Machine. This type of water is often sold through multi-level marketing, and it is a relatively expensive product. But, is it poison? This article examines whether or not Kangen water is poisonous.

Enagic’s Kangen Water Machine produces alkaline ionized water

Enagic’s Kangen Water Machine is a great way to get alkaline ionized water in your home. It is touted as the best drinking water, but it is also expensive. You may be thinking, “I need to pay for this, but my tap water is alkaline already.” While this is true, a Kangen water machine removes a lot of impurities and contaminants from your water.

It’s sold through multi-level marketing

If you’re wondering why Kangen water is sold through multi-level-marketing (MLM), you’re not alone. The company Enagic uses multi-level marketing to sell its water machine, and it’s a pretty similar process to how Avon cosmetics is sold. This type of marketing is based on network marketing, which is a method used to sell multiple products and services.

It’s expensive

Purchasing a Kangen water machine is an excellent way to start enjoying the benefits of alkaline water, but it’s also an expensive investment. The machines are extremely costly because the company sells them through a network marketing (MLM) strategy. In some cases, as many as seven people receive a commission for every Kangen water machine purchase. This can mean double or triple the actual cost of the product. According to the company, an in-home Kangen water filtration system costs almost $4900 to set up. This¬†kangen doesn’t include the cost of the filters which must be replaced every six months, costing $99 per kit.

It’s not a substitute for bleach

When you use Kangen water for cleaning, you are not substituting bleach, but it is an excellent alternative to bleach. It emulsifies fats and oils, and its molecules are much smaller than those found in city water. This allows it to penetrate deeper into body cells. Moreover, city water doesn’t remove pesticides, which are soluble in liposomes.